How To Solve 4 UX Issues With Web Development Services

The user experience is central to most online sites. A poor UX can lead to complaints if you're lucky and abandonment if you're not so lucky. Solving UX problems is critical, and a web development services provider can often address the situation in these four ways.

Improved Efficiency

Oftentimes, the worst UX issues are due to a site that just doesn't keep up with how fast the user needs it to be. Server-side responses to client-side requests might be slow, causing the site to feel sluggish whenever the user clicks on something.

Frequently, these problems arise from code or design inefficiencies. A buggy plug-in on a blog could slow the response time down by several seconds per click, for example. Replacing the plug-in or using a lighter version can often speed things up. In some cases, a web development team might even code a new solution to reduce bloat and maximize performance efficiency.

Ugly Appearance on Mobile Devices

A large portion of the world now uses the web solely or mostly on their mobile devices. If your site doesn't use a responsive design model, it can look downright ugly on these systems. While users can usually pinch and scroll to get around such a site, it leads to a bad experience.

You want the UX to respond automatically to whatever the viewport is on the device. Consequently, you need code that recognizes the different requirements and automatically resizes and rearranges the elements to look good based on the device's orientation, dimensions, and capabilities.

This process is known in the web development business as responsive design, and it significantly increases the quality of a site. Rather than hoping the user's device can handle differences, the code does the work for them. Regardless of mistakes or even changes in new systems, this will hold up well.


People with disabilities often have trouble dealing with websites. Fortunately, the right combination of web development and UX techniques can make a site more accessible. You can build designs and code that'll automatically detect devices for users with disabilities and serve them different pages. Likewise, you can offer alternative layouts that maximize readability for individuals with poor sight.

Complex Navigation

Finally, people need to quickly find things on a site. Otherwise, they're going to give up within a few clicks and go elsewhere. A web development services firm can move everything into a tiered structure that facilitates the rapid discovery of the website's content. Similarly, they can add robust and highly visible search capabilities.

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